Douglas County Elections Director Milton Kidd Says Election Officials Are Not Doing Enough To Retain Elections Workers After A Difficult 2020.

Sep 29, 2021  

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Sosebee said this conference - the first in-person gathering since the 2020 cycle - was a chance for her colleagues to support each other after a difficult year. Georgia in particular saw intense national scrutiny, viral misinformation and threats against election workers for counting the votes from former President Donald Trump and his allies, including an infamous call to Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to "find" enough votes to alter the outcome in his favor. 'This Was A Scam': In Recorded Call, Trump Pushed Official To Overturn Georgia Vote Unease in the elections sphere has been a nationwide problem since last November, with a recent survey finding one in three election officials feels unsafe doing their job. Despite Raffensperger and other Republicans pushing back against false claims of fraud and misconduct, Douglas County supervisor Milton Kidd said state officials aren't doing enough to keep longtime workers from leaving. Douglas County Elections Director Milton Kidd says election officials are not doing enough to retain elections workers after a difficult 2020. Stephen Fowler/GPB hide caption Douglas County Elections Director Milton Kidd says election officials are not doing enough to retain elections workers after a difficult 2020. "The state of Georgia is at a point of crisis," he said. "The level of institutional knowledge we're losing because of the state, either directly or indirectly, not defending election workers is creating an atmosphere of mistrust - not just around the elections process but around elections workers themselves." Kidd used his presentation about the absentee voting process to uplift his fellow colleagues and remind them that what they do year round is important. "Despite the opinions of others, despite the feelings of others - because it needed to be said, all of you are heroes and all of you all are the backbones of our democracy," he said.