The Vote Was 65 Yeas To 35 Nays.

Oct 07, 2021  

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30 passed the Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act (H.R. 5305). The bill would fund the federal government through Dec. 3 and add emergency supplemental funding to deal with the visit here withdrawal from Afghanistan and recent weather events. The vote was 65 yeas to 35 nays. The Senate on Sept. 30 confirmed the nomination of Rohit Chopra to serve as director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection for a five-year term.

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Illustration by Elia Barbieri And modellers predicting the consequences of the full relaxation of restrictions in July did not compare against the baseline scenario of keeping remaining restrictions in place, because they were not asked to do so. Whitty and Vallance must, meanwhile, have recognised that Dominic Cummings’s violation of lockdown rules had implications for public trust and compliance; their silence on the matter was not “staying out of politics”, but itself a political decision. In its obligation to embrace fallibility and uncertainty, science is antithetical to the current mode of politics in which admissions of doubt and error are regarded as weakness. Yet it is precisely because of those attributes that science is vulnerable to exploitation for political agendas. Studying US policies on cancer risks, Jasanoff concluded that the adversarial style of regulatory decision-making polarises scientific opinion and prevents the resolution of disputes. “Far from promoting consensus, knowledge fed into such a process risks being fractured along existing lines of discord,” she wrote three decades ago. Don’t we know it now. That consideration exposes, too, the fundamental problem with any notion of “rule by science” – we have to ask: “Which science?” Where there is lack of scientific consensus, science risks becoming a tool not for informing but for justifying policies. One of the most striking aspects of the denialist movements around Covid-19, vaccines and climate change is how “sceptics” position themselves as the true rationalists, parading cherrypicked data in support of fringe views. And they can always find “experts” with superficially plausible qualifications (including Nobel prizes) to support them, just as Johnson could convene a panel of lockdown-sceptic scientists to justify his procrastination last autumn.

I was talking about this field and how it's going to yield 68 to 70 bushels to the acre, and my uncles, my grandparents, they're just astonished by that. They're thinking 20s and 30s and 40s," said Bradley Mason, a Pioneer  Field Agronomist.  Mason attributes this year's harvest to advancements in seed technology, especially as farmers across the region battled a variety of weather phenomenon over the summer. As an agronomist, he's seen all types of severe weather through his area coverage, from Macomb up to the Quad Cities.  "Across the board, I've had a drought, I've had a flood, I've had wind events across my geography," he said. "There is a huge difference in climates just within my coverage. The second you plant a seed it goes through a lot of different things."  It's only the beginning of what farmers have been dealing with the past few years. After 2019's floods, and 2020's derecho, this summer's weather almost seemed tame, laughed Mason.  Over the years, he said seeds have been modified to withstand rot, standing water, extreme heat and more. Now, farmers are getting more yield out of the same-sized fields than five to ten years ago.  All the more important, as he says it appears severe weather patterns are here to stay, both in intensity, and in frequency.  "You hopefully only plant a crop one. The last couple of years we've had to plan a couple of times. It is unique to have this many different environments across the geography but unfortunately it's becoming a little bit of the normal," he said.